My name is Bryce Hartranft and I am 25 years old. I was born just outside of Mons, Belgium on a NATO air base as my dad was in the US Air Force at the time. Since then, I have lived in Maryland, Texas, Pennsylvania and now Illinois for the past 9 years. I majored in history and minored secondary education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and graduated in 2007.

Today I teach at Rantoul Township High School where I have been my entire short career of 4 years. I teach social studies and math at the alternative school for RTHS named Eagle Academy. The school is a credit recovery program designed to help students catch back up and graduate on time.

This is my 2nd graduate course in CTER as I just completed EPSY 590 with Tony Hursh.

My interests are history, soccer and beer.

My greatest fear for technology is that it will end up enslaving us in some way. While radical scenarios like “The Matrix” are possible, by “enslaving”, I mean that we as humans forget how to live life without technology. As great as computers are, people got by just fine without them for thousands of years. I would not like to see America collapse just because a major computer bug crashes all of the computers.

My greatest hope for technology is that humans can learn to use technology to make life better while still retaining the aspects of life that do not use technology. For example, if some day I can not take my dog for a walk in the park without requiring some sort of computer it will be a sad day. I believe that technology has a place in society, just not in everything. I suppose it is the historian in me that appreciates tradition.


About Bryce Hartranft

High School Social Studies Teacher
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